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Nylon dentures may be a good alternative

Polyamide, or nylon, is an alternative material for removable dentures. They do not release allergens and have acceptable water sorption. Nylon dentures are thus promising, although they still lack clinical documentation.

Polyamide, commonly named nylon, has been advocated as a flexible, non-allergenic alternative to PMMA (Figure 1). Acceptable water sorption and god biocompatibility are parameters that ensure patient satisfaction. Our study showed for commercial polyamides that the water sorption was higher for one nylon material (Breflex) and lower for the other (Valplast) compared to a PMMA (Ivocap High Impact) material (Figure 2). Both tested polyamide materials had a net uptake of water as seen from the negative water solubility values in Figure 2. This may affect the mechanical properties over time. All values were, however, within the requirements from the international standardisation organisation (ISO) for denture base materials.

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